With the closing of aacargo.info today, I have decided to fill the opening with aaucargo.info (please note the addition of the 'u' in the address).

Things to note:

  • I apologize for the lack of formatting here. I felt it was more important to get the info up and running as soon as possible.
  • I will be working on 'prettifying' the site over the next couple of days.
  • The scheduling is based on my studying the travels of the cargo boat today. Seem to be pretty accurate, maybe losing a second every round trip. Will be keeping an eye on this.
  • Please spread the word to your guilds and in-game friends across all North American Servers.


Prolo - Jergant

Archeage Unchained (NA) Cargo Ship Schedule Information

Current Time: 12:53:54 am EST

Current Status: Docked in Two Crowns.

Departure Time: 13 minutes 0 seconds at 01:06:54 am .

Next Port of Call: Solis Headlands; ETA: 1:17:42 am EST